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Lighting Grid Systems

Consists of a steel structure mounted inside the hall and lighting suspension equipment like Teleclimber, Selfclimber, Pantoclimber etc. can be suspended. The luminaries are mounted on any of these Light Suspension equipment. The light suspension equipment can be controlled from a Remote Control Panel while electric motor control and protection are provided in a separate Motor Control Centre. The suitable cable runners and cable trays are provided to route the power and control cables of the suspension equipment and cables for the luminaries. The Light Suspension Equipment can also be suspended on moving trolleys moveable on the specially designed Aluminium Alloy Roof Track System which enables the movement of Light Suspension System in X-Y direction, while the Z-direction movement is provided by the up & down movement from the suspension system.

Thus a complete 3-dimensional control of Suspension System consequently 3-D movement of Luminaries


Self Climbing Hoist

uThe Self Climbing Hoist effectively solves the problem of the suspension of Luminaires in TV studios. Several Luminaires can be suspended from the long barrel. Electrical sockets are built on the body of the Hoist for the convenience of connection of Luminaires. Hoists are moved vertically up and down from a remote control panel located inside the studio. Self Climbing Hoist has integral motor Gear Box assembly, upper/lower limit control switches, etc. It is equipped with:

  • 4 Steel rope suspension cables.
  • Slack wire detection device and switches.
  • Overload detection device and switches.
  • All enclosed power and control cable folding arrangements.
  • Extra flexible PVC insulated power and Control cables.
Barrel Length options 2.0,2.3,2.5,2.75,3.0 mtr
Vertical Movement 5.0,6.0,7.0,8.0 mtr
Lift Load,max 100 Kgs
Self Weight 110 Kgs for 2.3 mtr. Hoist
No. of Luminaire sockets 4,6 or 8 as desired
Electric Motor 400/415 Volts,50Hz,3 Phase,0.75 H.P. Totally enclosed. Other voltages available on request
Electrical Cables PVC Insulated,1100V grade,Copper Cable,multicore type 2.5 Sq. mm. Conductor for Luminaires and motor control circuits
Lift Speed Steel 6/19, 4 mm dia,extra flexible
Gear Box Fully sealed, Synthetic Lubricant,Steel Alloy, Phosphor Bronze Worm Gear
Pipe Barrel Galvanised Steel 48 dia,Class B
Manually Adjustable Telescopic Light Suspenders
'Teleclimbers' (power operated) with all travel limit adjustments
Power operated 'Pantographs' for single luminarie
Motorised Winch

Motorised Gear Drive Mechanism: Motorised gear drive is precision designed to move the bars vertically. Drive is very efficient and requires less than 400 Watts of electrical power to move a 350 KG load. Drive consists of 1.0 HP 3 phase, 415V totally enclosed, fan cooled, electric motor of standard make, directly coupled to efficient non-reversing worm reduction gear. Gearbox housing is aluminum pressure die cast and worm wheel is centrifugal cast Bronze, while worm is of machine ground steel. Pile winding Rope drums are precision machined and ground. Rope Drums have been designed for 4 ropes. The ropes are Guided through a pulley set comprising of 1,2,3,&4 pullies, which are placed at a fixed location and at 5 places on the grid as shown in the attached drawing. The Steel Wire Ropes not only lift the Bars but also act as a Wire Guide for retractable cable used on Light Bars

Cyclorama Screens

These are plastic projection screens stretched and fixed in a T.V. Studio or Stage of an Auditorium or Theatre. Using cyclorama light, lights, and correct dimming various colour effects can be achieved as a background. Simultaneous projection of speaker at the podium on this large screen ensures speaker is visible to all

Stage Furnishings

Manual & Powered stage curtain movement, tracks, fixtures, drives and variety of curtains are available. Fixed or adjustable stage side wings, front frills and décor are also custom made in turn-key installations

Electrical & Mechanical Fixtures

Junction Boxes, Wires, extensions, leads, plugs and connectors of large range are available