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Archi - For Hotel

Archi series dimmer are designed for Architectural Lighting along with its application in Hotels, Restaurants, Art Gallerias. The model includes 2X2.5kW dimmers with built-in current,over-voltage protection.This ensures load(incadescent) voltage does not exceed 235V in case of spike in electricity supply. The model is self-contained, wall mounted and occupies very little space. Built-in EMI filters ensures no intereference in other electrical units connected to the same line. The light intensity of the lamps can be continuously changed either by built-in controls or through a remote control panel to create a variety of light ambience to suit your mood!

Moods - For Hotels

Moods4 series of electronic dimmers are microprocessor based dimmers developed especially for public areas/lobby of Hotels/Restaurant. It comes with a LCD display, I.R. remote to select mood of the occassion. Be it large gathering in the ambience or a low occupancy in the lobby, lights are dimmed to conserve significant amount of energy. Ambient lights of Hotel lobbies, Reception area, pool side area can be judicially dimmed to cut on energy bills!! The remote works with a supplied Remote Control Panel. The panel can be programmed by the supplied software, Effect Studio ver 1.24x (O.E.M.- Effectron). It comes in 5 models – 1,2,4,6,or 12 channels. All 5 models can be operated by the supplied remote

Jupiter - For Large Auditoriums & T.V. Studios

This series is recommended for permanent installations of light control system in large Auditorium or T.V. Studios. It consists of Dual Electronic Dimmers each of 2.5kW mounted on Euro Standard plug-in modules which are mountable on standard 19″ instrument racks. All the control power supplies for the Electronic Dimmers are electronically powered from 415V, 3 phase power supply with equal dimmer load distribution on all 3 phases. The Jupiter Light Control Desks is a self standing floor mountable with features for individual or group control with two presets and facilities for cross-faders. DMX Desks can also be used for control using appropriate interface

Moon - For Medium Sized Auditoriums, Multi Purpose Halls

The MOON Series is a highly efficient light control system to control Tungsten, Halogen, Photo-Flood Lamps. The unit has a very low RFI and is 99.9% protected against temperature drift. The dimmers are grouped and divided on each phase. To be controlled by supplied Light Control Desk Moon-12B,24B,36B which have automatic functions such as chasers, flasher, music sync, the system is suitable for small Auditoriums, Studios, Clubs, Discos and Multi-Purpose Halls.

Patching is done at the dimmer end and any light can be controlled through any dimmer through supplied patch panels


Confe - For Seminar Halls, Conference Rooms

‘Confe’ Dimmer is an excellent light control system to control ambient light in a meeting room.
Round Table Conferences, Board Room Meetings, presentations via projector – all these events require pleasing ambient light intensity.
With a flick of a soft touch button, dim the lights just to suit your mood or requirement. The buttons can be wired on dais, podium or near the projectionist in addition to existing panel controls. Ergonomic design ensures proper ventilation of the dimmer panel so as to prevent electronics inside from getting damaged during hot humid climate


Cineplex - For Multiplexes

This series of dimmers are designed for lighting control requirement inside a Cinema Hall when using incandescent bulbs. The light intensity can be controlled automatically through film type Cinema Projectors or modern Digital Projectors like Qube/Doreme etc. Manual control is also provisioned through preset pots and feather touch switches. Adjustable timer is provided to take care of bootup time of projector while its main supply gets restored from emergency supply.
Low cost and simple installation makes Cineplex Dimmers ideal choice for Multiplex Cinema Halls for long working hours. Currently in huge demand across major multiplexes across the country for having proved its reliability and performance under adverse conditions